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Desert Accents

Pine Tree Wood Studs

Pine Tree Wood Studs

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These handmade laser engraved pine tree studs are pretty stinkin' cute. Handmade with Baltic Birch from scratch, these wooden stud earrings will be your new fav. These littles are stained, engraved, cut, sanded, and studs adhered to the back to order. Their outdoorsy vibe will be a great addition to your collection, and these cuties will go with almost anything! Dress 'em up or down, and grab a pair for a friend, too.

Get to know your new earrings + These handmade earrings feature hypoallergenic surgical steel posts and ear nuts that are great for those with sensitive skin + Lightweight design - made of 1/8" thick wood - is sure to leave your lobes feeling fresh, even at the end of a long day + Soft and sophisticated complimentary colors make these beauties pop!

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