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On Point

On Point - Reishi Calming Tincture

On Point - Reishi Calming Tincture

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100% Fruiting Body, Minnesota sourced 

Minnesota Glacier Water 30%

Natural Ethanol Alcohol 70%

Reishi has been shown to support immune function and acts as an adaptogen. Meaning it supports the body during times of occasional stressors. The immune supportive properties of the mushroom have been identified to be more than 100 polysaccharides and over 100 triterpenoids, which come from both the fruiting body and mycelia, with more of the active compounds being found in the fruiting body.  Also, well documented reports on how Reishi promotes normal inflammation responses. To activate these effects, polysaccharides and triterpenoids both should be present in the product. This is why ON POINT does the -double-extraction tincture process results in: both water and alcohol-soluble constituents present in the final extract.

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