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Moon Child

Moon Child Kunzite Rough Gold Bangle Cuff Bracelet

Moon Child Kunzite Rough Gold Bangle Cuff Bracelet

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"opens heart and love energies"

Properties of kunzite: it’s a stone known for being incredibly effective at clearing emotional blockages, especially when it comes to the heart.

Chakras: heart (4th) Spiritual properties: kunzite is an incredible cleanser of negative energy.

Kunzite is soaked in sublime love and the divine light of being. While its gentle nature and feminine color scheme may seem whimsical, kunzite is one of the strongest crystals in the pack for sweeping away any kind of dark feelings of doom and gloom.

What do we love about this stone? as a body healer, kunzite works its magic on the whole circulatory system, keeping the breath in beautiful flow and ensuring the heart muscles are warm and strong.

Who’s it good for? Anyone who is struggling to adjust to changes in life or those who are suffering the blow of a new separation or any situation that has caused them to become stuck in low vibrations, kunzite can help you see through clearly with loving insight.

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